Dynex/Rivett Inc. manufactures hydraulic components and systems sold worldwide for over 60 years. These products are used in demanding and critical applications on mobile, industrial and marine machinery.

Dynex pumps, motors, valves and power units provide long life, solving the toughest application problems, including high pressures and extreme temperatures. They operate reliably in dirty environments, under harsh conditions, with long, difficult duty cycles.

Checkball piston pumps operate at pressures to 20,000 psi. These pumps operate with mineral oil, and with a wide range of low-lubricity, low-viscosity fluids, including water glycol, Skydrol, Viscor, MIL-spec and other special fluids.

Dynex also manufactures 10,000 psi directional control valves, 15,000 psi pressure control valves, piston motors, electrohydraulic actuators, and custom hydraulic systems.

Dynex sells to customers in over 60 countries, through 40 worldwide distributors. The main manufacturing facility and headquarters is located in Pewaukee, WI, U.S.A.

Power units are fabricated in Ashland, MA, U.S.A. Specialized systems range from pump/motor units to large 200 gallon systems. Workers with experience piping for high-pressure systems assure trouble-free operation at pressures to 15,000 psi. Prime movers are available to 200 HP. For more information contact:

Dynex/Rivett Inc.
54 Nickerson Road
Ashland, MA 01721  U.S.A.
Tel: 1-(508)-881-5110
E-mail: ashland@dynexhydraulics.com

A Dynex sales office and warehouse in Eaton Socon, UK, serves customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. For more information contact:
Dynex/Rivett Inc.
Unit C5 Steel Close, Little End Road
Eaton Socon, Huntingdon,
Cambs. PE19 8TT  United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1480 213980
E-mail: sales@dynexhydraulics.co.uk

  Dynex/Rivett Inc.

  Product applications include:

  • Low-maintenance Deepwater Wellhead Control Systems
  • Low Input-power Land-based Wellhead Panel Systems
  • Blowout Preventer (BOP) Systems 
  • High-torque Hydraulic Wrenches and Service Tools
  • Tunnel Boring Machines
  • High-force Pipe Jacking Equipment 
  • R&D and Production Hydraulic Test Stands
  • Test Stands for Aerospace Components
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Rotary Drill Rigs and Mining Equipment
  • Construction Equipment    
  • Industrial Manufacturing Systems 
  • Heavy Lifting, Jacking and Skidding Systems
  • Steel Mill and Metal-processing Plants
  • Hydrostatic Roll Balance Systems
  • High-pressure Lubrication Systems 
  • Hydraulic Presses and Hydroforming Equipment

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