EBARA Technologies, Incorporated (ETI) founded in 1990, is an American subsidiary of the Precision Machinery Group of EBARA CORPORATION, a world-leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and advanced technology products for clean environments. Before 1991, EBARA Technologies, Inc. operated as the vacuum division of EBARA International Corporation.

EBARA Technologies, Inc. operates two divisions (Components Division / Semiconductor Equipment Division) that are leading worldwide suppliers based on their state of the art production facilities, innovative technology and reliable products that consistently exceed the requirements of today's industry and dynamic marketplace.

Innovators in Dry Vacuum Pumps, Turbomolecular Pumps and
Abatement Solutions for Semiconductor, Solar and Thin Film Technologies

EBARA Technologies Incorporated's Component Division is a supplier of advanced vacuum and abatement technologies focused on semiconductor, photovoltaic and R&D. EBARA Technologies provides leading edge exhaust management solutions consisting of dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular pumps, point-of-use abatement, exhaust line heaters, vacuum hardware and related services.

EBARA Technologies, Inc. - Component Division

Leaders in Advanced Systems for Front-End and Back-End Manufacturing

EBARA Technologies Incorporated's Systems Division supplies advanced technologies to front-end and back-end semiconductor manufacturing. EBARA is a leading supplier of 200 mm and 300mm Chemical Mechanical Polishing systems (CMP), advanced Wafer Plating Systems, Bevel and Backside Clean Treatment Systems.

EBARA Technologies, Inc. - Systems Division
The complete EBARA product line is manufactured and designed with continued compliance and certification to the requirements of ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q9001-19942000; Quality System in the United States and Japan. An unparalleled local and global network of customer support and technical service centers, providing the highest standard of reliability, maximum uptime and lower cost of ownership backs all EBARA products.

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