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Category: Linear Actuators
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For Tough, Industrial Automation Applications
EDrive Actuators, Inc. manufacturers electric heavy-duty linear actuators for tough, industrial automation applications. Our products are used in a wide variety of industry applications where conservative design, rugged construction, long life, and high precision are required and valued. More specifically as replacement for older power solutions like hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators. There is a reason why an ever-increasing number of machine builders are switching to electric linear actuators.

Benefits of Electric Actuation:
•   Cleaner, quieter, and more energy efficient
•   Improved performance
•   Less maintenance required
•   More accuracy and repeatability
•   More flexibility and scalability
•   Higher speed and force
•   Higher system stiffness
•   Lower operating costs

EDrive customers enjoy an unsurpassed commitment to superior quality, integrity, and customer service. Our experienced staff provides technical support as needed to assist in specifying the most appropriate solutions. Whether you need a standard product or a fully customized actuators EDrive is your answer.


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