EKSMA Optics is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision optical components and optical systems for high power laser applications, laser media & nonlinear frequency conversion crystals, opto-mechanics, electro-optical Pockels cells with drivers and ultrafast pulse picking systems used in lasers and other optical instruments.

Starting its first activities in the world of lasers in 1983, EKSMA Optics has been built on long term of expertise in the laser and optics fields.

Our laser components operate in the wavelength spectrum from the UV (193 nm) through VIS to IR (20 μm) and at Terahertz (1-5 THz) ranges and are used across different laser and photonics applications in scientific, industry, medical and aesthetic, military and aerospace markets.

EKSMA Optics polishing facility specializes in the processing and final polishing of flat optics made of BK7, UVFS, Infrasil, Suprasil, CaF2 and also DKDP, KDP, LBO, BBO, ZnGeP2 crystals whereas high quality precision polished faces are required for high power laser applications.

The Company also owns advanced IBS coatings facility, spherical, axicons and aspherical lenses CNC manufacturing facility, clean room facilities for BBO, DKDP and KTP Pockels cells assembling, technical division for manufacturing of ultrafast electro-optical pulse picking systems and quality control facilities.

All components provided by the company are subject to high quality testing and certifications in Quality Control Laboratory.

The Company provides custom optical and crystal component made under customer’s drawings and specifications. However, we also offer a wide range of standard catalogue products for the fast off-the-shelf delivery.

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