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Category: Console Enclosures
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Eldon Enclosures. Enclosure solutions for you.

Eldon Enclosures’ comprehensive standard product range includes mild steel and stainless-steel wall mounted and floor standing enclosures, consoles, polyester enclosures, outdoor enclosures and terminal boxes as well as cable and thermal management solutions.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive range suitable for any application
  • Fast assembly.
  • Highest level of protection.
  • Compliance with international standards.

Express Customization

With Eldon Enclosures’ Express Customization Service, you will get cut-outs, such as rectangular, circular and other types in any part of the body or door of an enclosure. You can also get holes and threaded holes in different dimensions. Ex-works delivery within 5 working days

Your benefits:

  • Instant online quoting
  • Fast and accurate processing based on your drawing
  • Ex-works delivery within 5 working days

Advanced Customization

Some applications demand complex customization. Eldon Enclosures’ highly trained engineers translate your specific needs into an enclosure solution. Eldon Enclosures’ manufacturing capabilities and its modern technology allow fast production of customized products, while keeping cost under control. Eldon Enclosures offers mechanical assembly services at very competitive rates. The idea is to take over some of your labor-intensive assembly work. Eldon Enclosures also offers support in obtaining additional or specific certification for your enclosure configuration.

Your benefits:

  • Access to extensive customization features, tests, and certifications.
  • Fast delivery of prototypes and final products.
  • Improved bottom line thanks to Eldon Enclosures’ assembly service.
  • Efficient stock keeping solutions

Eldon Enclosures makes your engineering easy

To make your engineering and the operation of our products easy, we offer support through sophisticated technical documentation and animated mounting instructions, software and online services.

Quick facts:

  • 95 years of experience.
  • 1 000 skilled employees.
  • Presence in 45 countries.
  • 50 000 sqm production area.
  • 30 000 sqm storage space

Your benefits when partnering with Eldon Enclosures:

  • Value added products and services.
  • Continuous innovation
  • A constant drive for superior responsiveness and support.
  • Flexible and skilled staff close to you.

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