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Category: Protective Relays and Monitoring Relays
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Make E-T-A your resource for circuit protection devices & power management solutions

E-T-A's reputation is built on over six decades of experience in the design and production of circuit protection devices for equipment. When partnering with E-T-A, you have access to the broadest product range in the market today.

Whether you require a single circuit protection device or a fully customized system solution, E-T-A’s engineers will help you select the best circuit protection solution for your design.

Reputation Built on 60 Years of Success

For more than 75 years E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, with its corporate headquarters in Altdorf near Nuremberg, has been successful in the global marketplace. Today E-T-A is market leader in the design and production of circuit breakers for equipment protection.  In partnership with our customers it is our objective to provide solutions for even the most demanding challenges for electrical overcurrent protection.

E-T-A designs custom solutions for specific applications, supported by our international network of subsidiary companies and representatives enabling us to be in close proximity to the customer at all times.  When working with our customers worldwide we seek the best solutions for their electrical protection and control requirements.

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Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Common Mistakes of Specifying Circuit Protection for Equipment (Circuit Protection Devices) It's only a circuit breaker. Yet there is enough complexity and confusion when it comes to specifying circuit protection that many engineers are designing equipment with too little or too much... (View Full Article)
Improve Plant Production by Addressing 24VDC Switch-Mode Power Supply Issues (Circuit Protection Devices) This white paper describes switch-mode power supplies and traditional circuit breakers, and explains the technology behind a new solid-state technology. It later explains how it solved a long-standing... (View Full Article)