ETCO Incorporated was founded in 1947 as Electric Terminal Corporation. The original company produced wall plug blades in strip form for attachment by the customer on a patented air operated machine. ETCO still produces wall plug blades, although the production speeds have increased from 175 parts per minute to as fast as 3,000 parts per minute.

As the years went on, ETCO expanded the product line into thousands of different products, both catalog and custom designed products tooled for their customers’ individual needs. Their proprietary products now represent approximately half their sales.

ETCO is divided into several divisions representing distinct product areas. The reason for the divisional structure was to allow the divisions to act as responsively to customer needs as would a smaller manufacturer, with the resources of a larger manufacturer. This formula has worked well and it is still the management's philosophy.

At ETCO they believe that old values and customer service should still be the rule. The mergers of today seem to have created companies that operate as if their needs supersede those of the customers. At ETCO no one will put you into voicemail unless you request it. At ETCO you will not be put on hold for more than 15 seconds without their checking back with you. At ETCO they won't take an order unless they can guarantee on time delivery and exact conformance to your requirements. At ETCO all managers are accessible and will call you back.

Faster Delivery
Your technical problems can be solved faster by ETCO’s team of experienced design engineers. Each specializes in electrical terminal design and manufacturability. And that is expertise you can use starting today.

Reduced Costs
Your overall costs for tooling, application and installation can be significantly reduced. When you apply ETCO's experience with similar design problems, your custom terminal design project benefits.

Improved Functionality
Opportunities to improve your component's functionality will increase with their involvement in your early planning stage. Again, ETCO's experience can pay off in your terminal's performance.

ETCO Incorporated
ETCO Incorporated
ETCO Incorporated
ETCO Incorporated

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