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Category: Storage Tanks and Process Tanks
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EXAIR products are designed to improve the overall efficiency of your operations. Our Intelligent Compressed Air™ products such as the Ultrasonic Leak Detector and the EFC™ electronic flow control are money-saving and energy-conserving tools that can save your company tens of thousands of dollars.

The Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems manual published by the Compressed Air Challenge® recommends Intelligent Compressed Air products like the Super Air Knife™, Super Air Amplifier™, and the family of Super Air Nozzles™ for energy conservation. Our Intelligent Compressed Air products are identified with this graphic.

The people at EXAIR do their best to earn your business. When you contact EXAIR, you can expect quality products, along with exceptional value and service since the products we manufacture are sold direct to you. Here are a few ways we make that happen:

Free Expert Technical Help! Our full staff of qualified application engineers is here to help you with your application. When you call our toll free number, fax or e-mail us, you'll get help right away from someone who understands the product and your application.

Great Support! Do you need a CAD drawing of an EXAIR product, a copy of a lost installation sheet or want to place an order after hours? This secure web site lets you do that and more!

Special Products Just For You! Do you have an application for a product that isn’t shown here? Need an EXAIR product in another size, an odd length or different material? We manufacture many specials as now shown here on the web site and in our catalog. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Fast Delivery! The products shown are in stock and in most cases, will ship the same day you order. Last year, 99.9% of our orders shipped on time!

We will continue to do everything possible to see that you are satisfied with EXAIR. We appreciate your interest in our products and look forward to working with you.


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