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Category: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules
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Earth Computer Technologies, Inc. a is a leading "Made In U.S.A." manufacturer of industrial electronic products. The EarthLCD division manufactures three main product lines:

  1. The EarthVue line of Industrial Touch LCD Monitors and Kits including LCD kits, LCD sub-assemblies, industrial LCD touch monitors, LCD touch screen kits, industrial NTSC monitors & kits, and LCD controller cards.
  2. ezLCD, a line of smart LCD products which are used by instrument, medical and industrial controls manufacturers to add a color touchscreen control to their products. The ezLCD+ series replaces traditional HMI, PLC and Handheld terminal products with a thin client user interface programmable in the Lua programming language.
  3. Industrial Panel mount P.C.’s for the industrial, POS and Kiosk markets.
  4. In 2011, EarthLCD will introduce thin client panel mount LCDs based on ARM microprocessors running Linux, Windows CE and Android operating systems.

EarthLCD's vision is to be the experts for custom LCD integration and connectivity by coining and living by the phrase “We make LCDs Work”. Earth’s working knowledge of the display industry has developed from an “In the trenches” approach to solving display problems in a multitude of industries. This customer centric approach has been the foundation of their 15 year success by building consumer confidence and assisting in streamlining product launch cycles. If a custom LCD solution is your need, EarthLCD must be your LCD technology partner of choice.

Since 1994, EarthLCD has developed more custom LCD solutions than almost any company in the world. Here is a list of their firsts:

  • First portable monitor.
  • First VGA LCD kit under $200.
  • First TFT LCD kit under $1000 (1994).
  • First 7.8" passive LCD monitor.
  • First Smart color LCD to run off an 8 bit micro (ezLCD-001)

EarthLCD's products and solutions are in medical devices and factories worldwide. They have appeared in major motion pictures, are in amusement parks, gaming machines, golf carts, and vehicles. Their tremendous technology tool kit, global relationships and depth of experience can reduce your time to market and total costs on almost any LCD related project. Both in house and off shore resources for design and manufacture allow them to get the job done. EarthLCD's values and reputation have stood the test of time and they are committed to innovation, value and service.

Give EarthLCD a chance to make your LCDs work.

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