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Category: Wire Forming Services
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Our Economy Spring & Stamping company location manufactures custom precision wire forms, metal stampings, coiled springs (or compression springs) torsion springs and product assemblies that are utilized throughout the medical, aerospace and industrial markets.

Engineering Success Stories

  • Designed and developed two stainless steel RNS (Rigid Needle Shield) removal stampings that are now used in three different drug dispensing systems
  • Developed unique packaging methods to improve part introduction / throughput on cellular assembly lines by visiting manufacturing sites and working with R&D teams
  • Led customer NPD teams in creating new surgical device / assembly techniques that led to new FDA product listings
  • Created numerous implantable biopsy markers that are utilized in breast therapy for determining changes in cellular growth with minimal migration characteristics
  • Developed stamping techniques for piercing holes in tubing to reduce laser cutting / machining costs
  • Designed metal-stamped assembly techniques that eliminated costly machined components and led to overall improved product quality

MW Industries, Inc. (MWI) is comprised of several manufacturing locations and headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois. We are the largest and most diversified specialty spring and fastener manufacturer in the United States. Through decades of growth, innovation, and dedication, MWI has proven to be a world-class supplier of custom springs, fasteners and metal stampings.


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