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Category: Programmable Power Supplies
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Efore, Inc. services the telecommunication, information, industrial automation, medical and engineering industries. They design, manufacture, and market advanced, customized power solutions, standard power supplies, and DC/AC power systems. Because they are power supply experts, your Account Manager/Project Manager will take care of design specifications, prototypes, agency approvals, and production efficiency, as well as, the reliable delivery. Efore's testing service specializes in power-supply measurements, EMC, functionality verification of environmental compatibility, and product safety according to national and international standards. Also, they can put you on the fast track with safety agencies.

Efore offers rectifiers and inverters to make it fast and easy to increase power capacity. These system solutions, both standard modules and custom, are cost efficient and safe fulfilling all relevant international technical and certification requirements.

You can expect more performance, value, and delivery from Efore. They believe fairness, reliability, and profitability result in a win-win relationship that benefits all. Let Efore make your concept match reality - power makes the difference.

Efore, Inc. Efore, Inc. Efore, Inc. Efore, Inc.

Efore's USA headquarters are located in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. Their design centers in Finland, Sweden and China design complex switch-mode power supplies for various industry sectors. The company has complete manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China and Pärnu, Estonia. They can provide account management, project management and after sales support in their Texas facility.

In 2008, Efore's total sales were $105 million and they employed over 700 persons.

All of Efore's facilities have ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14000 certification. Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and CE also approve their factories.

In the USA, Efore is located in the heart of the nation. Their facility is minutes away from the DFW Airport with logistics, product development support, and account management office space. Because they are adjacent to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in Texas, one of the largest airports in the world, Efore has access to 95% of the US population within 4 hours flight time. DFW operates nonstop flight service to more than 160 international and domestic destinations.

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