Elastomer Technologies, Inc.
Elastomer Technologies, Inc.
Elastomer Technologies, Inc.
Elastomer Technologies, Inc.
Elastomer Technologies, Inc.

Precision manufacturing of molded rubber and die cut components.
Integrating Extraordinary Ideas and Processes
Molding of elastomers and precision die cutting of multiple materials.

Compelling ideas and designs require an intelligent, experienced approach to make extraordinary products.

Elastomer Technologies, Inc. starts with a proprietary, dynamic approach to integrate theory with manufacturing called Project Forecaster. They share an assessment of your project based upon experience and trusted principles of success.  Additionally they offer a design analysis questionnaire on their web site that is helpful in integrating design and manufacturing.

Elastomer Technologies, Inc. responsibly assesses risk and provides focused information, developing ingenious answers to perplexing challenges. The end result is a road map to a repeatable, simpler product.

Primary Markets Served Include:

Liquid Injection Molding
The Automatic Option.

Elastomer Technologies, Inc. is very experienced at molding higher and medium annual quantity requirements for accurate, repeatable, tight tolerance geometry in silicone rubber. Their all-electric molding equipment is energy efficient and has easy set-up options developed to optimize this process. Elastomer Technologies, Inc. runs lights out on products requiring fast turn around times. 

When critical fit and function parts are required with tight tolerances (as low as + .002"), thin wall sections or other problematic geometry, choose liquid injection molding and Elastomer Technologies, Inc.

Compression and Transfer Molding

Compression and Transfer molding of parts can be very reliable and cost effective. Once you have the correct process and place an appropriate material in the mold you get a predictable result. The more parts you make at a time, the lower the cost (less time per part).

Elastomer Technologies, Inc. makes some beautiful and very complex parts with this technology. It is exceptionally versatile and flexible when addressing challenges with certain part shapes where a hands-on approach to ejection is necessary.

Elastomer Technologies, Inc. utilizes compression processes for molding of parts with particularly difficult to manage inserts, or special materials.

Silicone, Viton, EPDM, Butyl, Buna, and Nitrile are only a few of the nearly limitless materials that can be molded using this method of making parts. Geometry, function, material property requirements, tolerances, cost objectives and quality are all considerations when choosing this process.  Call Elastomer Technologies, Inc. today and let them assist you.

Die Cutting, Stamping and Converting
High quality flat shapes.

Elastomer Technologies, Inc. takes pride in its expertise at die cutting foam, rubber, plastic, Teflon, sponge and other materials and offers three types of equipment to create high quality flat shapes.

High Speed Die Cutting

Preco automatic die cutting equipment is efficient for annual volumes exceeding several thousand parts per run. This process has the added advantage of improved precision and can be run automatically depending on the material.

Kiss-cut parts for ease of use during assembly projects can be made with the correct material and tooling. Used with bolstered off-set tooling, the Preco press is capable of quickly and cost-effectively cutting large numbers of parts accurately and even boxing at the machine. 


High speed stamping is cost effective for materials or geometry needing a more accurate tool and finished cut. Applications might include plastic, Teflon, rubber, paper, or light gauge metals.

Adding Value

Materials combined with 3M adhesive backing, specially molded thin wall or custom thickness materials, assemblies, and exotic tooling applications are available.

Value Added Fabrication Services
Integrated options

Elastomer Technologies, Inc. offers the following fabrication options:

  • Custom Slitting
  • Sewing
  • Hand Fabrication
  • Assembly
Made in America

All of these options are located at their facility. Other options include pad printing, silk screening, parylene coating and machining of inserts and other hardware. Elastomer Technologies, Inc. is waiting to assist you with a review of your design and will gladly make dependable recommendations on an appropriate process to meet your requirements.  They are ready to assist you when you call.

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