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Primary Power Solutions
As a leading manufacturer of high-performance non-rechargeable lithium cells and battery packs for harsh operating environments, Electrochem Solutions, Inc. offers solutions for some of the world’s most demanding applications. With a portfolio of cells in various chemistries, sizes, and temperature ranges, their team can custom design a battery pack that meets the unique needs of each customer application. Electrochem customers trust their product to help them pioneer the future.

Secondary Power Solutions
Electrochem Solutions, Inc. offers customized configurations of rechargeable battery packs in a diverse range of chemistries to deliver on exact customer specifications, including lithium Ion, lithium polymer, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium and sealed lead acid. As a tested expert in assembly and integration, including value added solutions such as charging and battery management, their distinctive range of resources and experience ensures that their design is the exact fit for each customer application.

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