Uniflex-Stow™ Industrial
for Remote Valve Operation

If safety is a concern in your facility then the ability to operate valves from a safe position should be high on your priority list.

Don’t compromise safety when SafeOperator makes it easy for you to improve and plan valve operation.

Elliott Manufacturing is the leader in providing systems for the remote mechanical operation of valves.


SafeOperator is the most comprehensive solution for the remote mechanical operation of valves in every industry.

SafeOperator remote mechanical system for the operation of valves allow every industry to locate the point of operation in a place of safety or convenience. Typically, you will use Elliott’s SafeOperator remote valve technology when;

  • The valve is located in a physically difficult to access position or hazardous/restricted environment
  • When manual mechanical systems are required for reasons of back-up (redundancy and diversity) often for electric, pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • The standard lever /handwheel  or actuator cannot be fitted or operated due to the restricted position in which the valve has to be sited.
  • A requirement for operation from more than one position is specified.

The SafeOperatorrange features two main systems:

  • Flexible shaft system with integrated gearing (System IG)
  • Flexible shaft  (System FS)

We also manufacture components for rigid rod system which may be an alternate solution in some applications.

  • Rigid rod  (System RR)

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