At Engis, our mission is to help people and businesses improve productivity and profitability by bringing the Power of Superabrasive Finishing Systems to industry around the world.

No other company has the in-depth expertise in diamond characteristics nor the capability to engineer complete superabrasive finishing systems as the Engis Corporation. We have the drive and the competitive spirit to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

At Engis, our teams have extensive expertise in the fundamental science of industrial diamond and related superabrasives. This knowledge, coupled with our three process development labs, permits us to develop leading edge superabrasive products of superior quality such as diamond slurries, engineered diamond compound and electroplated grinding wheels. Our engineering staff also design and kit out machine tool systems which go hand-in-hand with our consumables; we are unique in this capability.

In addition, we have a global presence that offers full support to our customer base. Our manufacturing and sales outlets can be found throughout Europe, Canada, Asia and the Pacific Rim. It is through the professionalism and motivation of our global staff that we realize this goal, resulting in the development of a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

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