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We provide safety, we protect your health

With more than 45 years of experience in the field of chemical filtration and protection of laboratory personnel. Erlab knows the recipe for safety. We build each one of these ingredients into our products, and without all of them, your health and safety is compromised.

R & D Laboratory
The engineers and chemists in our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory understand molecular filtration and continuously work to ensure our products are safe, constantly innovating to improve our products, and developing new products for the laboratory.

Strict Safety Standards
We hold ourselves to the highest standard and adhere to the strict AFNOR NF X 15-211: 2009 filtration safety standard as recognized by ANSI Z9.5-2012.

Independent Testing
Erlab filters have been independently tested multiple times at various concentrations guaranteeing that our safety solutions all adhere to the strict performance criteria of the AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 standard assuring that the emissions concentration at the filter exhaust will always be lower than 1% of the TLV.

A Published Chemical Listing
Erlab provides a compressive list over 500 chemicals and lists the Erlab filter designed to trap this chemical(s) and the retention capacity of the filter, the type of filter saturation detection system and the maximum mass of the chemical that may be introduced within the enclosure.

Application Questionnaire (Valiquest)
Your safety is guaranteed because we adhere to the strict process of evaluating your intended chemical usage. Our laboratory specialists will recommend the appropriate filtration fume hood and filter type, personalized advice, and accurate answer within 48 hours.

Certificate of validation for your hood (ValiPass)
We issue a Certificate of Validation with a list of the chemicals approved for use in your specific hood.

Our Safety Program
We back up our products 100%. This program includes your specialized chemical evaluation, validation of your hood upon installation, and your filtration safety specialist that ensures your hood is operating to its full potential.


GreenFumeHood Technology for the filtered fume hood
Keeping you safe, saving you money, giving you complete control

Erlab Inc.

Captair ductless fume hoods and filtered chemical storage cabinets
Protecting you, Protecting your samples and products

Erlab Inc.

Replacement filters
High quality carbon replacement filters for all fume hood brands

Erlab Inc.

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