Erlau was founded in 1828 primarily as a chain manufacturer.  Today, with over 200 employees, Erlau AG is one of the well known industrial companies in Baden-Württemberg.  Sales representatives and main distributors in over 120 countries with their specialist staff provide comprehensive advice and reliable service.

Erlau produces the world's largest tire protection chains.  Never before have protection chains been mounted on 65/65-57 sized tires: 3.95 m in diameter and 1.80 m wide.  With the introduction of the roller net chain, Erlau achieved the breakthrough required to become one of the leading German and European tire chain brands. 

Erlau later started the manufacture of plastic-coated garden, terrace and interior furniture. Erlau's high quality furniture is designed to stand up to the harshest conditions. High intensity use and a variety of weather influences demand uncompromising material, design and manufacturing qualities - standards that Erlau has been unconditionally meeting for years.

Presently, Erlau exists as a joint-stock company, the oldest company of its kind in southern Germany today.

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