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Category: Network Repeaters and Extenders
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Enable-IT (Ethernet Extension Experts) is the world's most trusted and respected manufacturer of Ethernet Extension technology and pioneered these technologies in the 1990s and has since perfected them for every possible deployment scenario. Unconstrained by the typical IEEE 802.3 Ethernet specification range of 328 feet / 100 meters, Ethernet extenders send LAN data over one mile or 2 Km using existing copper (Category-rated, coax, or telephone wiring).  'Plug-and-go' extenders, unlike bridged repeaters, seamlessly transmit at very high speeds.

Ethernet Extension Experts designs and builds its products in the U.S.A. and, since its inception, has provided more Ethernet Extension Kits worldwide than all of its competitors combined. Ethernet Extension Experts continues to lead the industry by way of research, development, and fulfillment of client-driven features.


Key Reasons - Why trust The Ethernet Extension Experts


  • Overall Value - Superior cost benefit to feature ratio in the LAN or PoE extension marketplace.
  • Speed - Highest actual throughput speeds end to end.
  • Ease of Installation - Country specific power adapters, no programming, Plug and Go.
  • Reliability - The preferred source Globally for solid products based on community user opinions and reviews.
  • Support - 24hr respectful US based English speaking networking experts.
  • Solutions - Customer inspired and evolutionary solutions to meet any needs. Custom OEM available.
  • Warranty - They stand behind the quality of their products and offer an industry dominating four (4) year standard warranty vs competitor 90 day coverage.
  • Guarantee - The only manufacturer that has a money back satisfaction guarantee!  Forty-five (45) day.
  • Quality - Professional Grade, Military ruggidized, Made in the USA with pride.
  • Security - Certified spyware free - in use for protecting ultra level secure US Govt networks where Chinese gear is banned.


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