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ExactExact JobBOSS
Exact JobBOSS offers flexible shop management software designed for small to mid-size, make-to-order and contract manufacturers.  It helps automate your operation to accommodate growth and demanding customers and fully integrates the front office with your shop to create value for your company.  As your needs change and your business grows, you need something that will bring added value to your business and provide the flexibility and capabilities you need.

JobBOSS Starter Edition is a basic option designed specifically for shops that require a simple way to track jobs from quoting to delivery. JobBOSS Starter Edition can be downloaded directly from Exact and easily installed on a designated workstation without requiring a professional software consultant, helping shop owners bring job control processes into an organized and controlled computerized environment quickly and easily.

JobBOSS Professional Edition supports prototype and production environments, which includes repeat parts, one time or one off parts and/or mixed-mode manufacturing. This allows shop owners to manage the chaos by quoting to customer-driven requirements without sacrificing the flexibility to make changes on the fly to quantities, routings, materials, production schedule and deliveries.

JobBOSS Enterprise Edition is designed for companies already familiar with ERP software and who expect complete job control. It offers a growth path into more complete business process management and automation with integrated Customer Relationship Management, Workflow and Document Management, Business Activity Monitoring and Advanced Scheduling. JobBOSS Enterprise Edition can be enhanced with an Advanced Quality configuration for businesses that need integrated quality control in addition to ERP.

With the multi-tiered approach, Exact provides a way for organizations to achieve benefits with JobBOSS at the level that fits their business today with a simple and realistic way to redeploy a different level of the JobBOSS solution as the business grows.

Visibility and control from quote to cash

Designed specifically for job shops and make-to-order/contract manufacturers to instantly create efficiencies throughout businesses, while boosting productivity and profits. Unparalleled shop management with powerful tools and easy-to-use features.

ExactExact JobBOSS

Bringing connected insight to your businessq

The web-based solution for powerful, organization-wide integration of your HRM, CRM, financial and knowledge information. Results in true teamwork through real transparency, shorter communication lines, greater flexibility and quicker responses.

ExactExact Synergy

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