Leopold, a Xylem brand, has long been a global leader in the water and wastewater industry. Since its establishment in 1924, Leopold has pioneered and acquired a number of innovative technologies aimed at improving the quality of water to improve the quality of life, from the initial dual parallel lateral underdrain to the newly advanced Leopold® Type S® Universal® underdrain, and from the Leopold® CT2® submerged sludge collector to the Leopold® Clari-DAF® Dissolved Air Flotation systems. More

Water Treatment


Over the past 85- plus years, we've proved our expertise and leadership in filtration technology.

Wastewater Treatment


We design each of our waste-
water treatment systems to meet your unique permit requirements.

Product Development

product dev

When you specify and purchase from Leopold, you are getting more than just a product.


Completing the Circle of Filtration

The design of a complete filter system requires more than just underdrain. Leopold provides all of the components required for a complete operating filter system. Leopold designs and manufactures the air header pipe system for air/water backwash filters. Leopold also manufactures fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) backwash water troughs with or without Leopold® TroughGuard® media retaining baffles. Over the years, Leopold has acquired other technologies to provide a complete operating system such as straight-line and S-type surface agitators.

In today's market, where filter projects range from the construction of new filters to the refurbishment of existing, older filters, costs remain the key issue. In response to this, Leopold has invented a novel filter design for new filters—the Flat Bottom Flume® filter—that provides a filter system with the lowest installed cost available. In retrofit situations, Leopold evaluates the existing filter design and determines the most cost effective method for introducing air into older, water-only backwash filters. Regardless of the type of project, you can be sure that, with over 8,000 installations worldwide, we have seen all types of filter designs. This experience, coupled with our design and manufacturing expertise, ensures that you will receive a superior filter system.

Increasing Emphasis on Clarification Technologies

Leopold's experience runs deep in the design, engineering, and manufacture of clarification systems and equipment such as our Clari-Vac® floating sludge collector and our CT2® submerged sludge collector. In the late 1970s, Leopold acquired vacuum sludge collection technology, the foundation for its Clari-Vac® product line. In the 1980s, in response to a need for more versatile sludge removal, Leopold developed the Clari-Trac® submerged sludge collector, which was later improved in the 1990s and renamed CT2® submerged sludge collector. Leopold has over 200 installations employing its sludge collection equipment in various applications for both water and wastewater treatment.

Support and Service Makes the Difference

When you specify and purchase Leopold, you are getting more than just a product. Our full spectrum of engineering services ensures that our products and systems work with the unique requirements of your application. A full range of field services, factory parts, and contract maintenance is also available. In addition, we bring to you the full depth and support of our Product Development Center, our research and development facility dedicated to testing of new products or new applications for existing products. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Leopold can model a customer's application and further verify the design in our hydraulics laboratory.

In addition to our R&D efforts, Leopold employs a variety of pilot facilities: our Clari-DAF pilot trailers, numerous pilot filter columns, and portable Clari-DAF jar test units. With a wide range of process applications, our pilot plants can verify the best treatment scheme for your application. In our Product Development Center, we have a wet lab where we conduct a variety of water treatment analyses when using a Leopold pilot facility.

In essence, Leopold is a full service supplier, able to take an active partnership in solving your water treatment problems.

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