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Category: Double Sided and Transfer Tapes
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FLEXcon Company, Inc. - Graphic Film

FLEXcon is an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer that coats, laminates and embosses films. They combine their application expertise and polymeric materials technology to create product identification, promotion and bonding solutions. You will find FLEXcon’s products in diverse industries, including aerospace, automotive, AHR, electronics, out-of-home advertising, outdoor power and power tools.

Founded in 1956, FLEXcon focuses on customer application challenges by consistently providing solutions to their converting and end-use challenges. FLEXcon places a high value on trust, teamwork and long-term relationships with clients. This enables FLEXcon and its customers to achieve mutual success by working together, combining their technical know-how with their innovation.

This business strategy results in FLEXcon’s core strength being their manufacturing flexibility. The ability to offer short-run, high volume, customized or standard products ensures FLEXcon quickly delivers solutions that meet their customers' specifications.

FLEXcon can manufacture over 10,000 made-to-order products from their vast selection of films, topcoats, performance adhesives and liners. These include polyester, polyolefin, polyethylene, and vinyl films and an array of acrylic, rubber and silicone performance adhesives.

For the most popular applications, FLEXcon developed its Value-Better-Supreme product offering to provide the largest breadth of standard products in the industry. With VBS, you can quickly select the right product that meets your performance, price and delivery requirements.

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