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Category: Industrial Safety Gates
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In 1972, FabEnCo, Inc. introduced its first patented self-closing safety gate to meet the OSHA requirement for fall protection at platform and ladderway openings. Today, FabEnCo has sold more than 600,000 self-closing safety gates and is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial safety gates.

Over the past four decades, FabEnCo, The Safety Gate Company, has been the “one-stop shop” for high-quality, American-made safety gates. Our full range of gates helps companies eliminate the time and expense of fabricating their own gates while providing fall protection, access control, machine guarding, pedestrian traffic management and security at ladder, platform and stair openings, as well as catwalks and mezzanines.

FabEnCo’s adjustable swinging safety gates fit unprotected openings from 16 inches to 39.5 inches. To protect openings up to 6 feet wide, customers can mount FabEnCo safety gates on both the left and right rail in a one-way “saloon door” configuration. On request, FabEnCo also develops custom safety gates to meet our customers’ special requirements or protect unusual openings up to 60 inches.

Easy to install on all types of handrails (angle, flatbar and pipe) or to existing walls, most gates can be mounted on either the left or right side of handrail openings. Adjustment bolts provide positive stop without handrail contact and, once the bolts have been adjusted, each safety gate’s reliable stainless-steel spring automatically closes the gate to the customizable stop point set on the gate - up to a 90º angle.

The FabEnCo family of safety gates includes the A Series (the original double bar gate), the XL Series (for extended vertical coverage), the R and RX Series, (our competitively-priced, standard bolt-on safety gate) and the Z and ZT Series (designed specifically for new construction projects). FabEnCo safety gates are manufactured with high-quality carbon steel, with A Series and XL Series Gates also available in aluminum and stainless steel. FabEnCoat™ finishes include galvanized and environmentally-friendly “safety yellow” powder coated.

Safety gates are shipped directly from FabEnCo’s manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas, or from one of our many distributors, and arrive with all the necessary mounting hardware. Easy-to-follow mounting tips are included with each gate. In addition to contacting the company by phone, customers have the option of easy online ordering using a major credit card or charging their open account. FabEnCo also supports blanket orders and JIT programs


1. Adaptable
Mounts on all types of handrail (channel, angle, flatbar, pipe) or to an existing wall.

2. Adjustable
When mounting with plate directly in line, gate can be adjusted out to fit opening. Adjustable stop bolts provide positive stop without handrail contact. They also allow position selection to assure closing on either standard or unusual wall and rail angles.

3. Versatile
Can be mounted left or right, on either side of handrail, at different levels. Stainless steel spring returns gate after each passage.

FabEnCo, Inc. - Gate Applications

FabEnCo, Inc. - A Series Gate
FabEnCo, Inc. - XL Series Gate
FabEnCo, Inc. - R Series Gate

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