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Farnell is the leading multi-channel, high service distributor of electronic components, electrical parts, industrial and maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) products, supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals throughout Europe and Asia.

Founded in 1939 – Farnell celebrates 70 years making a difference in the electronics industry in 2009. Now employing over 1200 people in more than 20 countries around the world and trade in over 100. With over 480,000 products in stock from over 3500 manufacturers and a further 700 products added online every week, their product portfolio continues to expand, offering their customers the very latest technologies. Farnell supplies a comprehensive range of electronics, electrical components and electrical parts offering their customers the latest technologies.

With a wide range of ordering options available to customers Farnell aims to fulfill every customer's needs. Ordering is available via a paper or electronic catalogue, web, eMail, phone, fax or post. Farnell's role is to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with them.

Farnell has six electronic components distribution centers worldwide including UK, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Australia. With flexible ordering and fast same day dispatch plus a comprehensive range of value-added support services, Farnell aims to be one of the easiest and most approachable electronic components and electrical parts distributors to deal with.

Farnell's new free e-procurement system -- i-Buy -- allows you to create your own procurement structure to enable complete cost control, reduced administration time and total visibility of your company’s spend; i-Buy is completely flexible and personalized to your company’s needs.

With access to over 800 leading brands, including Vishay, Tyco Electronics lighting, Molex, Microchip, National Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, EPCOS, KEMET, Altera, Omron Electronic Components, Bridgelux, Texas Instruments, Panasonic and more, Farnell stocks a wide range of electrical parts including capacitors, connectors, microcontrollers, transistors, resistors, diodes, semiconductors, aluminium electrolytic capacitors, amplifiers, displays, industrial connectors, LED’s, MOSFET transistors, optocouplers, variable rotary, voltage regulators, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, switches and many more electrical items and components.    

Visit Global Legislation – The latest legislation information first from Farnell. Industry leading support and advice on how ROHS, REACH, WEEE and Batteries legislation impacts in the electronics industry.

Premier Farnell’s global element14 (www.element-14.com) is a new, innovative information portal and eCommunity specifically built for electronic design engineers. It provides product data, design tools and technology information, whilst incorporating web 2.0 functionality to facilitate communication, interaction, collaboration and information sharing between colleagues around the world.  Users can consult experts, discover trends, post blogs, articles and comments in this world-wide forum.

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AC-DC Adapters
(8 Products)
(5 Products)
(2 Products)
(52 Products)
Cable Assemblies
(19 Products)
Cable Carriers
(8 Products)
Cable Glands
(1 Product)
Cable Ties
(16 Products)
(182 Products)
Chip Capacitors
(150 Products)
Chip Resistors
(50 Products)
Cloth Tapes
(2 Products)
Codec ICs
(21 Products)
(53 Products)
DC-AC Inverters
(2 Products)
DC-DC Converters
(70 Products)
Diode Arrays
(30 Products)
(368 Products)
Dowel Pins
(9 Products)
(12 Products)
EMF Meters
(2 Products)
(16 Products)
Edge Connectors
(22 Products)
Epoxy Adhesives
(3 Products)
Film Capacitors
(32 Products)
Flat Cables
(7 Products)
(3 Products)
Fuse Holders
(7 Products)
(34 Products)
Heat Sinks
(37 Products)
IC Interfaces
(224 Products)
(26 Products)
Industrial Pins
(9 Products)
LCD Drivers
(2 Products)
LCR Meters
(3 Products)
LED Drivers
(56 Products)
Logic Gates
(24 Products)
Logic Latches
(1 Product)
Memory Chips
(48 Products)
(9 Products)
(1 Product)
(20 Products)
(30 Products)
Power Connectors
(34 Products)
Power Plugs
(20 Products)
Push-in Rivets
(5 Products)
RF Amplifiers
(1 Product)
RF Diodes
(6 Products)
RF Modules
(5 Products)
RF Transceivers
(5 Products)
RF Transistors
(4 Products)
(192 Products)
Resettable PTCs
(40 Products)
(68 Products)
(5 Products)
(30 Products)
Schottky Diodes
(105 Products)
Sensor Chips
(69 Products)
Shift Registers
(3 Products)
Shrink Tubing
(4 Products)
(14 Products)
(33 Products)
(515 Products)
(14 Products)
USB Connectors
(12 Products)
(3 Products)
Zener Diodes
(37 Products)
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