Mervin M. Sirrine started Flame Treating Systems near Pittsburgh, PA in 1973 after working for Dow Chemical (developers of Mapp gas), Airco and Pennsylvania Flame Hardening.   Merv believed he could solve just about any hardening problem using a controlled flame hardening system for considerably less cost than an induction system.   Mark M. Sirrine (right) has continued this philosophy since taking over as president and owner of FTSI from his father in 1995. Flame Treating Systems, Inc.
Flame Treating Systems, Inc. With over 30 years experience, FTSI specialists have become experts on the control of the flame system.  With their personal service they can analyze your hardening problems and develop a system to meet your requirements using the reliable techniques of the past updated with the modern technology of today.

In addition to flame hardening, FTSI equipment has been used for:

  • Brazing
  • Forging
  • Welding
  • Coatings fusion
Flame Treating Systems, Inc. Flame Treating Systems, Inc.

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