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Category: Conveyor Controls and Monitors
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Flexicon is an international organization with administrative, engineering and manufacturing capabilities on four continents, and an extensive worldwide network of applications engineers and field support technicians to serve you — a unique consolidation of bulk handling specialists with hundreds of years of combined experience.

At the local level, these personnel provide the knowledge and resources needed to satisfy the diverse requirements of individual process plants country-by-country, while providing the worldwide infrastructure, long-term vision, stability and single source capability required by multi-national organizations.

An extensive research and development program continually sets new standards for bulk handling equipment performance with entirely new designs, product improvements and equipment that complies with certifications required by governmental and industry associations for chemical, food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications — both nationally and internationally.

Flexicon's design engineering staff devises efficient solutions to the most unusual problems with highly custom equipment, basing solutions on unique customer requirements, not merely on existing product line offerings. This approach provides each customer with the most efficient solution to his or her individual problem, and endows Flexicon with a depth and breadth of bulk handling experience unequalled by any other comparable manufacturer in the world.

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APCO Packaging Moves Perlite in Low Headroom Area with Flexible Screw Conveyor (Solids and Powder Processing Equipment) A packager contracted to blend and package expanded perlite, delivered in bulk bags too large to be emptied into the packaging equipment. A Flexicon flexible screw conveyor proved the best way to move... (View Full Article)
Twin Flexible Screw Conveyors at Tequila Producer Boost Efficiency, Safety, Quality (Solids and Powder Processing Equipment) Casa Cuervo, which produces tequila, eggnog, sangria wine and margarita mix, improved efficiency, safety and quality by installing a Flexicon material-conveying system in its Guadalajara distillery. (View Full Article)