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Category: Temperature Sensors
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Fluid Components International (FCI) designs and manufactures mass flow meters, flow switches and level switches for industrial process measurement applications utilizing patented thermal dispersion flow measurement technologies.

FCI products deliver accuracy and reliability to the world's most demanding processes and industries including chemical, oil and gas, power and energy, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, nuclear power, aerospace, and many more.

All FCI products are tested and calibrated to rigorous standards to ensure you get the instrument that does the job you specified. To design and produce the highest quality flow instrumentation, FCI operates a world-class, fully NIST traceable flow calibration laboratory that is certified to meet such stringent standards as MIL-STD 45662A and ANSI/NCSL Z-540.

FCI is committed to high quality, local support and service throughout the world. Factory authorized sales and service centers are staffed with knowledgeable staff comprehensively trained on FCI instrumentation.

With over fifty years of experience and the world’s largest installed base of thermal dispersion instruments, you can count on FCI to know your application and have proven sensor solutions that will save you time and expense.

Mass Flow Meters

FCI designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of air / gas mass flow meters utilizing thermal dispersion and measurement technology.

Flow and Level Switches

Flow switches are either mechanical or electronic devices that provide a signal to an operator or control system that the flow rate is exceeding or has fallen below a setpoint value.

Aerospace Products

Flow, temperature, level and pressure sensors and systems for aircraft.


Product Catalog

Flow Meters
(32 Products)
Flow Switches
(10 Products)
Gas Flow Meters
(32 Products)
Level Sensors
(10 Products)

Technical Articles

Protecting Cooling Towers From Fluid Delivery Pump Failures (Flow Sensing) Oil refineries separate crude oil into a variety of feedstocks and final products through high pressure distillation processes, which require extremely high temperatures that can approach 750°F... (View Full Article)
Thermal Flow Meter Helps Compressed Air System Manufacturer Keep The Pressure Steady (Flow Sensing) Industrial compressed air system leaks have been identified for decades as a serious cost issue that also adds to the strain on the electric grid, according the U.S. Department of Energy and many... (View Full Article)