Fluke provides the broadest range available of calibrators, standards, software, service, training and support solutions. Their customers work in calibration laboratories around the globe, as well as in manufacturing test, research and development, and service. The Fluke line of calibrators, standards, waveform generators, calibration software products, and support equipment provide exacting standards for companies and government organizations that rely on tightly calibrated instruments for their quality and standards programs, as well as to meet strict international quality requirements. For more information visit www.flukecal.com

Electrical – DC, Low Frequency, and Radio Frequency

Fluke Calibration

DC/LF electrical calibrators, power calibrators, calibration software, time and frequency, RF calibrators, calibration standards, electrical calibration services, and training.


Temperature calibrators, temperature calibration standards, temperature calibration software, temperature calibration services, and training.

Pressure and Flow

Pressure calibrators, pressure calibration standards, flow calibrators, pressure and flow calibration software, pressure and flow calibration services and training. 


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