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Category: Electric Brakes
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Force Control Industries, Inc. manufacturer's superior quality, unique design clutches and brakes for industrial equipment. Based on oil shear technology our clutch and brake products provide superior life, as well as smooth operation, and quick response. Force Control clutch and brake products are used on many types of machinery used in manufacturing of Steel, Coal, paper, concrete, brick, lumber, fiberglass, tires, automotive, wire, and many more. Force Control Industries, Inc. designs and supplies products to general industries including food processing, packaging, fabrication, machining, building trades (shingles, insulation, drywall, lumber and more), mining, marine, steel and automotive (tire, engine, transmission, assembly), and R&D testing facilities. Force Control clutches and brakes can be found operating successfully around the world in some 87 different countries.

Force Control Clutches and Brakes are typically used where others fail. The severe duty capability make these products ideal for single line or high volume industrial applications where downtime is critical and maintenance cost and time is must be controlled. Utilizing Oil Shear technology these products are designed for maximum life expectancy — typically years, and sometimes decades longer than any competitive products, with little to no maintenance, and no adjustment — ever! Unique cooling options such as fan cooling, water cooling, external heat exchanger cooling permit using a very compact unit in high load applications where thermal energy dissipation is important. Many of the products are air or hydraulically actuated for use within the plant or outside. Electrically actuated MagnaShear brakes are ideal for applications such as cranes, bulk material loading, conveying and sampling. The totally enclosed housings eliminate issues due to dust, dirt, moisture, and salt spray. Modifications are available for hazardous duty, washdown, marine duty, high cycle,

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