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Category: Calibration Instruments
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For over 60 years Foundrax have specialized in Brinell Hardness Testing and are recognized worldwide as experts in the field.

We offer a unique full range of Brinell Hardness Testing products, including market-leading automation of both indention and measurement. Our machines carry out the authentic Brinell test, guaranteeing users conformity with all national and international standards including ISO6506 and ASTM E10. Our machines are robustly built to provide laboratory accuracy in the harshest industrial environments and are used all over the world.

Foundrax are the only manufacturer in the world to make a range of Brinell hardness testing equipment that covers everything from UKAS certified reference blocks to National Standard level Calibration machines and all the steps in between.

Whatever your Brinell hardness testing requirement, Foundrax can find a solution.

Established in 1948, Foundrax are recognized as world leaders in Brinell Hardness Testing and a trustworthy partner. Foundrax is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory (No. 0231) and takes pride in ensuring its customers receive the very highest quality of service. The Chairman has for many years been influential in the development of hardness testing standards in ISO and BSI as well as ECISS, and is former Chairman of the Indentation Hardness Testing Committee of the British Standards Institution.

He has also served as a technical committee hardness testing expert for BCS (now UKAS), and was for many years an officer on the Council of the British Measurement and Testing Association.

Our Managing Director currently sits on the Committee and has acted as part of the British delegation internationally revising and developing ISO 6506.

Foundrax has, through continuous investment in R&D, remained at the forefront of developments in Brinell hardness testing. This has been demonstrated by a number of notable firsts:

  • First in the world to develop a fully automatic Brinell microscope, incorporating it into a Brinell hardness testing machine to produce the first fully-automatic Brinell hardness tester (1982).
  • First in the world to produce Brinell reference indentation reading blocks, reducing subjectivity in interpretation of test results.
  • First in the UK to supply portable testers, enabling large awkwardly shaped components to be properly tested for the first time.
  • First in the UK to achieve national recognition for the calibration of Brinell test blocks and testing machines

The quality of Foundrax equipment and services is endorsed by an impressive list of industry users, many acknowledged leaders in their field. Their products demand the ultimate in reliable hardness testing.

Every time you drive in a car, take a train or fly in an airplane, there is a good chance that somewhere along the way Foundrax equipment has been involved in making that happen.

Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd.
Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd.
Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd.


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