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Category: Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials
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The best tilt measurement and vacuum measurement products for your application

The Fredericks Company is an industry leading innovator and manufacturer of tilt measurement and vacuum measurement products – sensors, electronic assemblies, gauges and controllers. You can choose from our extensive line of high-performance, off-the-shelf products or get a special solution custom-engineered to your needs.

Fredericks is a proud to be a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and registered with the U.S. State Department as ITAR compliant. All of our products are designed and manufactured at our facility in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

The engineering support you’ve been looking for

Even though timely customer service and expert product support should be essential for doing business, these days it seems to be the exception and not the rule. Getting the ongoing support you need is especially critical when you have a tricky engineering challenge to work through. At that point, you don’t just need a part – you need a partner.

At Fredericks, our heritage of support goes back more than 80 years, working side-by-side with OEM customers across the world in a wide range of markets and literally hundreds of applications. In that time, you could say we’ve learned a thing or two about angle measurement, vacuum measurement and advanced manufacturing techniques. Our team of designers and engineers can bring that experience to bear for you. We’ll develop high quality, cost-effective products and components that are critical to solving your most challenging OEM design problems. Yeah, we know...talk is cheap. So we invite you to check us out. Kick the tires. We believe you’ll find the engineering partner you need at Fredericks.

TiltTilt Measurement

At the top of our comprehensive tilt measurement product portfolio is the TrueTilt™ line of electrolytic tilt sensors, inclination sensors & switches – built for unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability. Fredericks also develops and manufactures high-quality signal conditioning boards, inclinometers/tilt instrumentation, ON/OFF and tilt switches, and MEMS inclinometers.

VacVacuum Measurement

Fredericks manufactures high-quality vacuum sensors, gauges and control instrumentation under the TELEVAC brand. Our extensive line of vacuum measurement products features industry-leading cold-cathode technology, thermocouple gauges and precision-manufactured hot ionization gauges. Together, our products cover the entire practical vacuum range – from atmosphere to ultra-high vacuum (UHV).

AmpulesPrecision Glass Components

One of our unique capabilities is custom glass forming. Under one roof at Fredericks you’ll find a team of highly skilled glass engineering specialists and artisans ready to help you develop your custom glass projects. Products such as glass flares, glass bulbs, glass vials, glass tubulations, glass beads, glass pens, glass envelopes and glass flow cells.

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Electrolytic Tilt Sensor Excitation (Tilt Sensing) This document explains the minimum hardware and software requirements for obtaining an angular position measurement from a Fredericks electrolytic tilt sensor. (View Full Article)