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Froude has been designing, manufacturing and supplying engine test equipment since William Froude invented the water brake dynamometer in 1877 at the request of the British Admiralty to produce a machine capable of absorbing and measuring the power of large naval engines. Today Froude is the most recognized engine testing brand and has provided products and services to many major brand names, including all of the top automotive manufacturers and other major US and international companies.

We design, manufacture and supply an extensive range of dynamometer testing systems consisting of a variety of engine and high technology control and data acquisition software, along with test stands and ancillary equipment for the test cell. We are widely recognized as the world's technology leader for the automotive, gas turbine, aerospace, marine and industrial markets for engine testing systems. Our dynamometers are renowned the world over as offering exceptional high quality, reliability, and accuracy.

Our customized dynamometer test solutions are designed by our mechanical, electrical and software applications engineers and ensure customer engine test requirements are met. With global support coverage as well as manufacturing centers in both North America and the UK, we are capable of supplying and supporting customers anywhere in the world. Our facilities manufacture the complete range of hydraulic, eddy current, and AC dynamometers. In addition to our range of test cell solutions, Froude offers dynamometer refurbishments, spares, repairs and maintenance contracts within our customer service plans.

Go Power Systems, Froude's portable engine dynamometer offering, has been manufacturing engine dynos since 1958. Fifty+ years later, we continue to supply affordable engine testing solutions to a wide variety of industries. Go Power products are sought after for their durability, dependability and repeatability.

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