For more than three decades, GEM Advanced Magnetometers has provided the Mineral Exploration industry with the ground and airborne tools necessary to conduct exploration on their gold, iron, copper and other properties. Magnetics is key in these pursuits and GEM has enabled the industry to discover numerous economic deposits with its Overhauser, Potassium, and Proton technologies.

These technologies deliver a number of benefits including good sensitivity and low power consumption (Overhauser); ultra-high sensitivity (Potassium) and low cost (Proton). In addition, GEM has recently introduced its IronMag especially for iron exploration and its GoldMag which provides the ultra-high sensitivity required in today’s gold applications.

We also deliver magnetometers for Oil & Gas Exploration, Drillhole Orientation, Archaeology, Magnetic Observatories and other Earth Science professionals.

GEM's Oil and Gas solutions are primarily airborne (of which GEM offers an advanced product) whereas Drillhole Orientation, Archaeology, Magnetic Observatory, and other Earth Science applications are ground-based. Directional drilling tools are provided through GEM's DDO solution which provides starting coordinates and continuous total field values as an aid to Measurement While Drilling (MWD) techniques.

Archaeology is another exciting application of magnetics and GEM provides enhanced Overhauser and Potassium technologies for this approach. Archaeological applications can be streamlined significantly using a cart-towed solution; GEM delivers specially designed non-magnetic carts for this approach.

Magnetic observatories around the world are using GEM's advanced magnetometers for stationary applications. Key considerations are high accuracy and low drift – both of which are provided by the company's Overhauser-based products, including dIdD. dIdD is a means of acquiring vector quantities using scalar magnetometers – an innovative approach taken in the design of dIdD.

Other earth science applications include near surface geophysics, Unexploded Ordnance, and volcanology. All of these applications place demanding needs on magnetometers – needs that can only be met through GEM's advanced line of magnetometer and gradiometer solutions.

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