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Category: Automated Test Equipment
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Enjoy Testing! — Powerful test technologies that are a pleasure to use.

Test and inspection systems for discerning customers. With advanced test and inspection systems for electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards, GOEPEL electronic helps discerning customers from various industry sectors to maintain their commitment to quality. The company's wide range of technology provides a basis for finding manufacturing defects at every stage of the product life cycle — from design to end-of-line.

The aim is always a flawless finished product, whether it is manufactured in series or a prototype. The 'Made in Germany' seal transcends national borders: with offices worldwide and a global service network, GOEPEL electronic is always on hand for its customers.

Efficient Test and In-System Programming
Increasing complexity/density of board assemblies resulting in reduced accessibility and complications associated with contact lead to many of the most difficult challenges in the test of modern electronics. Users are presented with this problem both in the development phase and in production. GOEPEL'S Embedded JTAG Solutions division explores new approaches for reliable, high-performance test and in-system programming.

• Embedded Board Test
• Embedded Programming
• Embedded Functional Test

The multifunctional JTAG platform enables advanced test and programming through the boundary scan architecture and utilizing microprocessors, microcontrollers and FPGAs as embedded test instruments. GOEPEL offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software products that make it easy to leverage this contemporary approach in your test flow today.

Optical and X-Ray Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards
GOEPEL electronic provides powerful, easy-to-use and reliable systems for Optical and X-Ray inspection of printed circuit boards. These technologies can reliably reveal even difficult to catch manufacturing defects during production while minimizing false calls. X-Ray technologies can expand defect detection to aspects of board assembly not visible to optical inspection such as with BGAs, QFNs and components shielded from view, all at line speeds. The systems can be used at different points in the production process (e.g. before and after soldering, as in-line or stand-alone systems). The inspection solutions by GOEPEL electronic are made up of the following areas:

• Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
• Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)
• Automated Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
• Industrial Vision Solutions (IVS)

Customized Test Systems
The Industrial Functional Test division provides customized test systems for industrial electronics and PLC systems. Testing can be carried out on a wide range of electronic products, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), temperature sensors and heating control systems. GOEPEL electronic develops customized solutions both for small batches and for system integration in series production.
Test Solutions for the Automotive Industry
The test and simulation systems from this division are used primarily in the automotive and automotive supplier industry. These are, for example, modular function-testing systems and diagnostic tools for automotive ECUs or bus communication systems for a wide variety of electronic components in automotive production. Electromechanical assemblies and entire car seats are also tested to ensure they function correctly using testing systems from GOEPEL electronic.


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