Gem ElectronicsGem Electronics was founded in 1999 by principals that have been in the design and manufacturing of coaxial products since 1975.

Initially, a manufacturer of standard coaxial connectors and adapters for the CATV, CCTV and general electronics marketplace, Gem moved quickly to a problem solving institution as they heard and witnessed the Connectorization problems that were persistent in the CCTV market. Installers were experiencing signal failures consistently at an unacceptable rate.

Gem's mission statement thus became one of solving these problems. They assisted the installer base in drastically reducing that unacceptable failure rate by listening to their concerns and responded first with a superior connector design that if correctly matched to the coax cable would assure a solid termination every time. It was then important to provide the proper crimp and strip tools, along with detailed cable assembly procedures to guarantee that the cable was prepared and the connector was affixed correctly. All these steps gave the installer base the tools and information to guarantee a "system install" that would not fail because of a poor connectionGem Electronics.

Gem took it one step further and worked with all the major coax cable manufacturers and were the first to produce a "cable-connector-selector chart" which lists all their cables and the corresponding connector to be used. This has proved to be an invaluable asset in reducing errors in matching the proper connector to a specific cable.

Their success in the coaxial product field and the emergence of CCTV over UTP technology prompted Gem Electronics to enter into the supply of Balun products years ago. They approached this product line in the same deliberate, listen and learn fashion that guided their coaxial product development.

Gem ElectronicsToday Gem offers a full line of Baluns, both active and passive, which afford the installer base a very cost effective alternative to other systems' designs. Fundamentally, the impressive cost savings is achieved by using one CAT5 cable for four cameras, versus four independent coaxial cables.

Gem Electronics offers the Broadest Coaxial Connector line than any other single supplier and virtually has a Balun product for every conceivable audio or video system.

All Gem's products now find application in the CATV, CCTV, Audio/Video and Home Theater markets, in addition to General Electronics needs.

Gem ElectronicsGem Electronics currently provide products to the most distinguished installers in North America via their very qualified and professional National/Regional/Local distributors. The best in the business.

Gem's website contains all their product information in a very user friendly format and they are hopeful that you will come to view their website as your go-to source for information.

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