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Category: Plating Services
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General Magnaplate Corporation

General Magnaplate Corporation is both a pioneer and a world leader in the science of surface enhancement for metals and other substrates. Whether in the harsh environments of outer space or on factory floors across the globe, Magnaplate-applied “synergistic” coatings provide low-performance, plentiful and inexpensive metal parts with corrosion/chemical resistance, super-hardness and dry-lubrication. Parts last longer, are more cost-efficient and are more reliable.

With three state-of-the-art facilities in North America, General Magnaplate offers surface enhancement coatings to meet most metal performance problems. Each has been developed to protect a specific metal or group of metals to solve problems under demanding operating conditions. Many are available to meet FDA, USDA, ASTM, federal and military specifications. General Magnaplate’s facilities have been ISO 9001:2008 certified, and our New Jersey facility is NADCAP certified for Chemical Processing.

General Magnaplate CorporationOver half a century ago, scientists were seeking solutions to new problems arising from the performance of metals in outer space. Existing coatings could not fill the requirements of long-term, fail-safe protection. Conventional protective coatings or lubricants actually “boiled” away in the vacuum of space. NASA’s requirement for new, permanent, functional coatings led them to General Magnaplate’s proprietary engineered coatings that could withstand the rigors of outer space.

General Magnaplate’s coatings are created during a multi-step process that starts with a series of specialized cleaning treatments which are followed by enhancement of the substrate’s surface through conversion, deposition or by thermal spraying– depending on the coating. The process continues with a controlled infusion of selected engineering polymers or other dry-lubricating particles. These particles are then mechanically cross-linked and locked in by a proprietary process and become a permanent, integral part of the newly enhanced surface layer. Since the resultant surface is superior in performance to both the base metal itself and any of the individual components used in the enhancement technology, Magnaplate coatings are considered “synergistic.”

Some of the many problem-solving benefits of General Magnaplate’s coatings:

General Magnaplate Corporation
  • Prevent mechanical wear, abrasion and galling by providing a super-hard, dry-lubricated surface
  • Resist corrosion and attack by chemicals, acids and exposure to hostile atmospheres
  • Provide exceptional mold release performance
  • Improve material flow and sanitary maintenance by eliminating sticking and product “hang-up”
  • Won’t chip, peel or flake, like “paint-ons” do
  • Comply with FDA/USDA codes
  • Impart high dielectric strength where needed
  • Allow the use of less expensive basic metals as a substrate
  • Meet federal and military spec requirements

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