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Generic Fluid SystemsGeneric Fluid Systems is revolutionizing the dispense industry. Our innovative dispense equipment increases productivity and accuracy while reducing costs. It’s that simple. And it’s proven. It is a game-changer for the dispense industry.

Our systems dispense formulas and liquids into a multitude of container sizes for manufacturing or distribution. The systems are robust, reliable, fast, and accurate dispensers for industrial uses. Whether using solvent-based or aqueous solutions, or a wide range of viscosities, our equipment has been demonstrated to handle it.

Generic Fluid Systems

Generic Fluid Systems Volumetrix Multi-Formula, Multi-Ingredient Dispenser
For complex formulations typical of Paint Formulation, Paint Tinting, Ink Formulation, Dyes, Stains, Varnishes, Chemical Compounding, Flavorings and Lab Formula Creation.  For a wide range of ingredients, large amounts of formulas, and various feedstock options for the ingredient supply. Can handle up to 60 ingredients with an unlimited amount of formulas. Includes a full function Graphic Interface with a Formula Editor and dispense database.

Generic Fluid Systems

Formula 1 Single-Formula, Multi-Ingredient Dispenser

For repeating the same formula continuously.  Common applications: Toll Blending and Chemical Batch Production. Dispenser can handle up to 10 ingredients and comes with a simple to use Operator Control panel.

Generic Fluid Systems

RMix Single-Formula, Ratio (Proportioning)

For accurate ratioing (proportioning) ingredients in real-time. Applications typically involve a "catalyst" which is proportioned with a base ingredient. Common applications: adhesives for laminators in the flex pack industry or catalyzing paints. Can ratio a formula of up to 8 ingredients in real-time through a unique Active Mixer assembly.
Generic Fluid Systems
Filling Station Filling Smaller Containers from Larger Product Holding Tanks

Designed to simply fill containers with various automatic and semi-automatic systems. Can handle from 1 to 10 liquid circuits and can dispense into quart, gallon, drum, and tote size containers.

Generic Fluid Systems

Generic Fluid Systems Pump Drive Assemblies
Provide smooth-pulse, free-flow of fluids. Materials supplied in bulk totes or drums can be fed directly to our Pump Drive Trains.  Units come complete with electric motor, gearbox, and pump-bearing mounts and are available in various sizes.
Generic Fluid Systems Canister Wing Assemblies
Ingredient wings contain 3- or 6-gallon conical bottom canisters to hold ingredients. Are typically combined with our Pump Train systems which mount to the bottom frame of the wing. This method of ingredient supply is convenient when materials are stocked in one-gallon cans or five-gallon pails.
Generic Fluid Systems Dispense Valve Racks
Contain mounted high-speed, accurate, bubble-tight, three-way diverter valves. Racks also contain pneumatic pilot manifolds for special, high-speed pneumatic operators. All wet parts of the valves are made of teflon or stainless steel inert materials. Valve racks can be mounted separately or into one of our Dispense Nozzle Stations.
Generic Fluid Systems Dispense Nozzle Stations
For bringing all fluids to a single point of dispense. Typically, has either a floor scale for drums or totes, or a smaller scale for 5-gallon or smaller batches.  Our Valve Racks can mount directly into the enclosure. A multi-ported dispense head brings all the fluids to a circumference as small as a pint container opening.

Generic Fluid SystemsGeneric Fluid SystemsGeneric Fluid Systems


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