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Category: DC Servomotors
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- Trained on our vast library of engineering resources.


Creating Motion Solutions to Help our Customers Make Positive Change in the World

Our vision is to enable our customers to create new value in their markets

We provide innovative precision motion solutions in the packaging, assembly, semiconductor and robotics market segments. Our team reimagines how to solve industry challenges; collaborates with our partners on new designs; or helps them improve their motion systems already in the field.

To ensure that we can deliver on our vision, we have developed, and continually improve our critical capabilities. Our people, partners, and culture are what help us bring our vision to life.

The support we receive from our parent company Koch Engineered Solutions, along with our contract manufacturers, distributors, drive partners, and systems integrators work together to make us a preferred partner. We want to be the partner to take your products to the next level.

Leading the World in Direct Drive Motion

Introducing LiveDrive® housed and frameless direct drive rotary motors – engineered with patented electromagnetic technology for more torque to mass than competing direct drive motors, resulting in maximum productivity and efficiency for your machinery.

LiveDrive LDD Series of Direct Drive Housed Rotary Motors

Bring speed, accuracy, and compact performance to your robots and machines with LiveDrive LDD – the patented direct drive rotary motor technology that eliminates the need for a servo gearhead while simplifying building architecture.


LiveDrive LDR Series of Housed Torque Motors

Building on the superior performance of the LDD and LDX lines, the LiveDrive® LDR series has industry-leading torque density, an IP54 rating, and a through hole. LDR motors are housed with features designed specifically for machine builders to increase throughput, flexibility, and design efficiency.


LiveDrive LDX Series of Direct Drive Frameless Rotary Motors

The LiveDrive LDX series are patented frameless motors with more torque to mass than other direct drive rotary motors, enabling your machines to accelerate faster, increase payload, and reduce size/weight.


Genesis began as a research and development company over a decade ago. Since then, we have added rapid prototyping and production capabilities, while maintaining a strong research and development team. Over 40% of our employees are engineers. Our headquarters are in BC, Canada and we have an experienced commercial team and partners across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Visit Us at Upcoming Trade Shows

Genesis Motion Solutions will be exhibiting at these upcoming trade shows.  As we register for more, we will update this list. We hope to see you at these upcoming events.

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