Giant Industries, Inc. - CTGiant Industries, Inc. - CT"Machined to perfection"

Your growth depends on providing a quality product with the engineering to withstand the harshest conditions. With an American-German background, Giant's industrial line of pumps not only meets your need, but they provide solutions that help your company grow.

What is so unique about Giant's gear end?
Giant continues to serve pumps that have been in the field for over twenty years. Very expensive materials are standard, such as spheroidal cast iron crankcase gear ends. Critical components such as crankshafts are forged, ground, tumbled and hardened. Tapered roller bearings evenly distribute the forces throughout the gear end. Tough bronze connecting rods, not inexpensive aluminum, lead to crossheads which guide the machined and hardened stainless steel plunger bases to provide a smooth operation and less wear on manifold components.

Giant Industries, Inc. - CTWhy Giant's manifold lasts so long?
It's important that you're not always changing manifold components in the field. Giant's manifold is designed with the right materials to meet your needs. Materials such as 303 and 316 Stainless Steel, Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze, Duplex Steel and Titanium give you the flexibility to withstand the harshest fluid media. With larger surface areas and expertly Giant Industries, Inc. - CTmachined manifolds, Giant's pumps not only are quieter but run with greater efficiency and less chance of cavitation. Finally, seal components from NBR to Viton, EPDM, Teflon and Kalrez allow your pump to handle any application.

Take a look at Giant's line of pumps. Anyone can supply flow and pressure. We want your experience with Giant Pumps to be rewarding for you. You will know you have made the right choice with a Giant pump.

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