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Category: Wheel Dressers and Dressing Tools
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Founded in 1952, by Miner Gleason and Robert Barhorst, Glebar was established to manufacture machine tools based on the principles of Centerless Grinding. Located in Franklin Lakes in the North of New Jersey, Glebar's focus in manufacturing machine tools is to supply our customers with solutions incorporating the latest technology and producing equipment to provide an efficient and controlled manufacturing process.

Over half a century in operation, Glebar has introduced grinding solutions to our customers which in some cases improved throughput by 30 times and vastly enhanced the quality of their products. Glebar's innovations have replaced alternative technologies such as lathes, OD grinders and Blanchard grinders, to create precision high volume production turnkey systems. We strive to collaborate with our customers by integrating our systems into their processes and effectively streamlining their production.

Over the years Glebar has designed and built other machine tools such as Double Disc grinders for small parts, Ferris wheel grinders for forming OD concentric to ID, CNC roll Rubber grinders for 12" long rollers equipped with SCARA robot feeding systems, CNC serrated steel rule grinders and CAM grinding systems for micro-machined components.

Feeding and gauging systems are also designed to work within the framework of our customer's material flow and quality requirements. Glebar has accumulated over 50 years of experience in grinding various materials, from diamond to foam and everything in between, such as ceramics, plastics, Nitinol, steel, rubber, composites, glass and other demanding materials. Our R&D facility is equipped with all the machine tools Glebar builds as well as an extensive inventory of grinding wheels to develop cost effective processes of production for our customers.

Our quality control facility includes laser gauging, CMM equipment, surface and roundness measurement and SPC programs among other tools to provide a controlled environment for development and production. Our grinding facility also runs short or long term production for our customers, for start up projects or to increase our customer's production capacity. We are ISO-9001 Certified and our processes are fully documented to insure continuous process improvement. Our machines are in operation in all continents of the world with representation in the United Kingdom, Holland, Japan and South America. Equipment going to Europe is CE Certified to European standards. Glebar engineers and service technicians are available in house or in the field to share their experience with our customers and provide training and consultation with the goal of solving your manufacturing problems.

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