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Grace Engineered Products is the leading innovator of Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs).

Grace Engineered Products, Inc.Keeping personnel away from live voltage is foundational to electrical safety. More importantly, electrical safety demands a precise answer to the question, "Is voltage present?" Grace Engineered Products’ PESDs go a long way in providing the very first answer to this all-important question, while a voltmeter provides personnel with a second, redundant answer. PESDs also provide visibility of voltage from outside the enclosure without exposing personnel to the hazardGrace Engineered Products, Inc..

In addition to PESDs, Grace Engineered Products is the industry forerunner in custom-designed PLC ports. Their brand is called GracePorts®. Grace has more than 10,000 part combinations and add new part numbers on a weekly basis. Customers can pick their connectors, housing type, and power option and the team at Grace provides a part number within minutes. Additionally, Grace offers customers the ability to custom label their GracePort connections with unique text or add their company logo. Orders are shipped around the world from the Iowa-based plant, and Grace offers a lead time of just 3-5 days from receipt of the PO.

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