For more than 140 years, Greenlee has been a provider of quality tools to the woodworking industry and, for over 70 years, to the electrical industry as well. Over 20 years ago, Greenlee made a commitment to the high technology necessary to keep pace with the changing needs of our customers. Proof of that commitment is in the modern facilities, state-of-the-art production equipment, and enhanced quality assurance programs which comprise the Greenlee way of doing business today. Our expanded EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities assure convenient, fast, and accurate exchange of information between Greenlee and its suppliers and customers. ISO 9001 Certification further assures customers worldwide of our ongoing commitment to quality products, service, and support. Innovative product design, manufacturing excellence, and customer response will keep Greenlee at the top of its industry, now, and well into the 21st century.

Greenlee proudly designs, tests and manufactures superior tools, testers and software apps that will get your job done faster, safer and easier®. While we’ve always had a wide range of tools suitable for use in stainless steel, plumbing, HVAC and pipefitting applications, we are now dedicating resources and increasing efforts to expand our presence within the mechanical channel. The same reliability and innovation that made us a leader in the electrical, utility and communications trades will now be found in the plumbing, HVAC and pipefitting trades. The trade is evolving and Greenlee is here to support you with a complete product offering.

Supplier Directory Categories

Cable Testers
(82 Products)
Circuit Tracers
(59 Products)
Clamp Meters
(13 Products)
Coaxial Connectors
(112 Products)
DC Powered Pumps
(12 Products)
Digital Ammeters
(48 Products)
Distance Meters
(14 Products)
Drill Bits
(571 Products)
Driver Bits
(6 Products)
(14 Products)
(11 Products)
Frequency Meters
(50 Products)
GFCI Testers
(3 Products)
Hand Saws
(1 Product)
Hand Tools
(150 Products)
Hole Saws
(267 Products)
Hydraulic Pumps
(22 Products)
Knife Blades
(2 Products)
(1 Product)
(10 Products)
(34 Products)
(63 Products)
Power Tools
(22 Products)
(733 Products)
(14 Products)
Safety Clothing
(12 Products)
Safety Gloves
(12 Products)
Saw Blades
(80 Products)
Shoulder Screws
(2 Products)
Utility Knives
(21 Products)
Voltage Testers
(32 Products)
Wire Terminals
(72 Products)
(91 Products)