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Water is the essence of all life, and Griswold Water Systems' commitment to treating water in a responsible way is the essence of our mission.

Griswold Water Systems

Our mission is to provide our customers with products that will allow their cooling system to enjoy long-term stability and operate in a consistent and reliable way. GWS pledges to guarantee customer satisfaction by:

• Engineering integrated water treatment and filtration products
• Maintaining a high level of applications experience and an in-depth water treatment knowledge base
• Manufacturing the best in shop durable products
• Providing dedicated field service to enhance our customers' enlightened operational practices, and
• Supplying exemplary electronic monitoring to augment regular human oversight

3 Critical Advantages

Our products have eliminated scale and bacteria, and controlled corrosion in thousands of our customers' cooling systems, without the use of toxic chemicals. The three-fold result: more reliable HVAC system operation, a truly green water treatment solution, and an excellent return on investment.