HDT Global is a leader in engineered solutions focused on solving complex technical problems. Their engineers, scientists and technicians develop technology, products and application-specific solutions in areas such as aerospace (space and recovery), robotics, chemical/biological (CB) protection, military sensor systems, environmental control, expeditionary shelter and power technologies. These capabilities enable HDT Global to provide its customers with solutions that meet current needs, as well as emerging requirements.

HDT Global's products make up a fully integrated system designed for people doing tough jobs in extreme environments and situations. HDT Global's expeditionary systems are turn-key, mobile facilities for command posts; hospitals; military living quarters; emergency medical treatment units; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination facilities for first responders; and operations centers requiring command and control (C2) functionality.

These deployable systems - shelter, power, heating/cooling and air filtration equipment - are currently being used by U.S. and allied military units deployed worldwide.

HDT Global's success has been built by leveraging their engineering capabilities to develop exceptional products along with unsurpassed training and support after the sale. HDT Global has a global presence and delivers worldwide support in training, service, parts and technical assistance.

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