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Hi-Tech Control's goal is to provide their customer with high quality
Wires, Cables, Enclosures and Cable Accessories
at competitive prices with exemplary customer service.

- Quantity Discounts!

- No Minimum Orders!

- $25 Million Inventory!

- Accept: All Major Credit Cards!

- Blanket Orders!

- Quick & Friendly Service!

(Domestic / International) Cables & Wires 

HI-Tech Controls, Inc.Hi-Tech Controls supplies Helukabel products exclusively for North America. Helukabel designs, manufactures and supplies cables, wire and accessories for industrial applications. Their huge inventory of over 31,000 items & $25 Million Inventory enables them to ship most of the time without delay. Over 350,000 sq. ft. of inventory allows the immediate shipment of almost all standard cable types and sizes.  Special cables can be manufactured at their plant to meet your individual needs.

Hi-Tech Controls, Inc. is your source for International, European, Canadian and USA cables with all important approvals such as RoHS, UL, UR, CSA, VDE, CE, HAR, MTW, AWM and SEV. In addition to their mini 100 page catalog, they have a 900 page comprehensive master catalog, which they make available to their customers.

They offer the perfect solution for the Domestic/Export machine industry, suitable for Wet/Dry or Hi/Low temperature environments. They also specialize in flexible cables for Robotic and Track application. They are looking forward to helping you solve your cable problems.

Their Highly Flexible Cables are your solution when it comes to withstanding the rigors of the most demanding factory automation applications.  They have been supporting the needs of the industry domestically and internationally by providing a large variety of harmonized and CE approved wire, cordage and cable products.

Industrial Enclosures: (Plastic / Metal)

HI-Tech Controls, Inc.Indoor / Outdoor Enclosures! Hi-Tech Controls is the exclusive importer of Hensel and Distributor of Hummel Enclosures in North America.

They have a huge variety of Thermoplastic, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, ABS, Polycarbonate EMI, Polyester, Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum Enclosures or cases from their Sealcon/HUMMEL Line. These Industrial Strength, Indoor / Outdoor, NEMA 4x, UV & Impact Resistant, Modular Expandable and Attractive enclosures can fill any of your application needs. Offered in Opaque / Transparent covers! Hinged! EMI Shielded Polycarbonate.  Exceptional Value! Accessories include DIN rails, Mounting plates, Terminal blocks, Hole plugs, Strain Relief Fittings, Adapters, Etc.

Accessories: DIN rails, Mounting plates, Terminal blocks, Hole plugs, Strain Relief Fittings, Adapters, Etc. International and Domestic Approvals

Custom: Aluminum Enclosures

HI-Tech Controls, Inc.Customize your own Control Solution Device with the following Cord Grips, Momentary Push Buttons, Etc. NEMA 4, 4x (IP66) They offer 1, 2 & 3 Button Solutions. Enclosures are made of Powder Coated Gray Die Cast Aluminum alloy. They do the assembly at one low price.

With their sister company Sealcon offering over 6000 different types & sizes of Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings, Cable Glands, Cord Grips, Circular Connectors and now new Industrial Enclosure line and with many other cable management solutions all located in the same building as Hi-Tech Controls. They are able to offer their customers with a one stop shopping solution.

Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings / Cord Grips / Cable Glands

HI-Tech Controls, Inc.They offer over 6,000 different Types and Sizes of RoHS Compliant Products!

Threads: NPT, Metric, & PG. Materials: Nylon, Nickel Plated Brass, PVDF (for chemicals and extreme temperatures) & Stainless Steel. Types: Standard Dome & Flex, 90° Elbow, Multi-Hole, EMI/RFI, High Performance (Clamping), Elongated, Enlarged/Reduced Body. All of Sealcon's cord grip products are modular, and incorporate Hummel's patented overlapping seal technology, removing the risk of the strain relief damaging the cable. Approvals: RoHS, UL, CSA, VDE, CE, ATEX, EX, & TÜV.

Thread Adapters, Enlarger & Reducers

Dealing with foreign products? Is connecting a challenge? They now carry a large assortment of Adapters, Reducers and Enlargers Threads. Look no further! Sealcon is your Solution House for NPT, Metric & PG Threads. They provide a cheap & easy solution to alter the thread size on any threaded connector. Material: Nylon, Nickel Plated Brass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel upon request!

They carry a wide selection of Adapters, Enlargers & Reducers!  These Thread Adapters convert holes which fit PG / METRIC threads to a female NPT, PG, & Metric threaded hub. They provide a cheap & easy solution to alter the thread size on any threaded connector.  These Thread Enlargers, Thread Reducers are the cheapest & easiest solution to reduce the thread size on any threaded connector. 

(M16, M23, M40) Circular Connector

These RoHS connectors comes in Straight, Elbow, Panel Mount, Single Hole, and Unique Swivel Snap Elbows, and many more. Their Patented EuroLock® offers the MRO the perfect connector solution where No Tools are need for disassembly/reassembly within the field.

Their Circular Signal & Power Connector offer a superior Pin and Socket system combined with an integral Cable Strain Relief. An integrated spring inside the Crimp socket makes contact with the pin in several places, adding support and keeps the pin centered. - No more intermittent contact!

The built-in Strain Relief is based on Hummel's proven HSK-design. The NEMA 4X (IP67) Power Connector can accommodate cables from .28" to .55" (7mm - 14mm) outside diameters. The Ampere rating is 8 to 28 Ampere, the Voltage rating 800 and 300 volt per pin. Power Connectors are available in 6 and 8 pin configurations. Temperature rating for this product is –40°C (-40°F) to 125°C (257°F).

A full range of Power & Signal Connectors are available in the above configurations. All are EMI Ready! Applications: Step motors and bus systems. The unique gold plated Crimp and Solder contact with tin plated cup make soldering very easy. These ratings are also passed onto their Signal Connectors which are available with 3 to 19 pin configurations.

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