With over two decades of knowledge and experience, H.W. Sands Corp. has grown to be a trusted leader in the global market for the advancing Chemical, Card, and Security industries.  Founded in 1983, H.W. Sands Corp. offers a variety of dyes, inks, and chemical solutions for Screen, Gravure, and Flexography printing servicing clients and customers all over the world.


During the initial years, H.W. Sands emerged as a supplier of inks and dyes primarily for the imaging industry.  This industry created and dedicated its focus to the capture, the transmittance, and the reproduction of various images:  medical X-ray films, camera films, ink jet printers, photocopiers and printing plates.

H.W. Sands Corp has grown to encompass all areas in printing with our high-quality custom dyes and inks.  From silver halides to electrophotography to OLEDs, we supply only the highest quality products. 

H.W. Sands Corp.H.W. Sands Corp.H.W. Sands Corp.H.W. Sands Corp.


H.W. Sands Corp.H.W. Sands Corp.Our expertise lies in the working knowledge of liquid chemistry that allowed us to develop and manufacture the first translucent inks for bank transaction (credit, debit, and ATM) cards. This advancement has revolutionized the card market and solidified our role in the industry. H.W. Sands Corp. has continued to expand the card line to include functional inks & dyes (NIR/UV-Vis), decorative features (EZ Texture / Scratch & Sniff), and security solutions.


With the increasing threat of fraud, piracy and diversion, H.W. Sands Corp. provides innovative solutions to the counterfeiting problem. From holograms to UV-Vis pigments to security glitters, SANDS-SECURE® is quickly gaining reputation in the security industry as a leader supplying the most advanced technology against piracy and diversion. Our team has developed a multi-level security feature that prevents all stages of counterfeiting and forged scams.

H.W. Sands Corp.H.W. Sands Corp.

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