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Handheld is a manufacturer and leading supplier of rugged mobile computers and the fastest growing company in the rugged computing market. Handheld rugged smartphones, rugged tablets, rugged notebooks and rugged handhelds are used in a wide variety of mobile computing field applications, often in the most demanding of environments. With more than 25 years of mobile computing experience, Handheld has successfully implemented rugged mobile computers in solutions for almost all types of businesses.

Handheld headquarters are located in Lidköping, Sweden with local offices in Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, USA and Australia. For increased local support, we work through an extensive partner network of more than 600 authorized mobile computing partners throughout the world.


Handheld rugged mobile computers are best known for a combination of high performance and the ability to handle the most demanding field applications. All Handheld mobile computing devices have the memory and storage capacity to handle the most demanding of field or industrial applications. All our rugged mobile computers also have IP 64 classifications or higher and are tested for drops, vibration and temperature extremes. Together with our business partners we supply the rugged mobile computers for enterprise mobility solutions in logistics, forestry, public transport, construction, military and security among some, helping them improve productivity and mobile computing efficiency in the field.

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So What is Rugged? (.pdf) (Mobile Computing) What does rugged mean? From a user perspective, rugged is really just the computer's ability to keep operating under all exposed working conditions. And not just once, but for the life of the unit,... (View Full Article)
Rugged Tablet Boosts Productivity for the North American Coal Corporation (Mobile Computing) It takes a special kind of rugged tablet to hold up to the challenges specific to a mining environment. Using Handheld's Algiz 10X rugged tablet PC, workers at the North American Coal Corporation's... (View Full Article)