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Category: Motor Coils
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X-mag is a leading manufacturer and supplier of permanent magnets, magnetic materials, magnetic assemblies and related final products. For over 20 years, X-mag has provided professional expertise in magnetic design, engineering and manufacturing. We provide customized magnetic solutions for many industries including automotive, consumer electronics, medical, sensing and beyond.

Product Design

Complete and full-service magnetic product design is one of X-Mag's relentless pursuits. Our material expertise is unique in the industry. The engineering team supports customers with material selection and design of complex magnetic assemblies and modules.

State-of-the-art design and R&D process at X-mag provides a full spectrum of magnetic services, contributing to our customers' success.


X-mag is dedicated to providing turnkey engineering solutions. We reduce turn-around time by integrating quick-turn prototyping, designing, and testing.

We have the ability to fully analyze magnetic behavior and performance with our advanced computing simulations and characterization equipment. We have developed strategies to efficiently and effectively combine magnetic functionality and characteristics into superior products.

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