Project Cost Management for Heavy Civil / Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Environmental, Utilities, STO, and Industrial

Hard Dollar's award-winning Project Cost Management (PCM) solution creates cost confidence and profits. Increased visibility, standardization, automation, and control over project costs is achieved through HD estimate creation, time sheet entry, productivity management, and project analysis. HD also includes real-time resource and cost loaded scheduling integration with Primavera® and Microsoft® Project.

Project Cost Management centralizes cost and productivity for capital projects.

Owners, EPCMs, and contractors rely on Project Cost Management to build cost model estimates, measure progress, and forecast completion.

Project Cost Management leverages real time integration with design, scheduling, and ERP solutions that enable expedited decision making to drive business profitability.

Solution Results

HD Project Cost Management reduces the time it takes to build, plan, deliver, and forecast cost and productivity by over 300%, while increasing profits by 15% plus.

Results are achieved by expediting centralized cost and productivity project information. Communication is accelerated with critical KPIs to project members throughout the enterprise, including: estimators, project controls, procurement, schedulers/planners, finance, CFOs, CEOs, and other capital project stakeholders.

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