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Category: Pressure Relief Valves
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Your High Pressure Specialist

Since 1947 Harwood Engineering Company has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of pressure components and systems to generate, contain, measure and control very high pressure levels in liquids and gases. We produce a full line of high pressure equipment and supplies including tubing, fittings, valves, vessels, intensifiers, measurement cells, and other apparatus to pressures of 200,000 psi, with pumps, compressors and intensifiers ranging from hand-operated models up to 150 H.P. electro-hydraulic units.

For over sixty years, we have designed and manufactured high pressure equipment capable of producing pure isostatic pressures to 30 kbar, (430,000 psi) at room and elevated temperatures. We also make presses up to 10,000 tons for quasi-hydrostatic pressures so necessary in the manufacture of diamonds and fundamental studies in pure physics, geophysics, and geochemistry.

Over the years, Harwood has developed the "Controlled Clearance" principle upon which primary standards of pressure above the manometer level, to as high as 30 kbar, are used throughout the world. Our controlled clearance free piston gage deadweight testers are the basic primary standard for accurate pressure measurement for both liquids and gases.

We offer instrument pressure calibrations to 200,000 psi against both primary and secondary standards, as well as pressure testing services such as proof testing, leak testing, isostatic compactions, and autofrettaging.

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Technical Articles

A Contemporary Version of the Bridgman-Birch 30 Kilobar Apparatus and Certain Ancillary Devices (.pdf) (Calibration Instruments, Standards and Reference Sources) The paper briefly describes the basic Harwood apparatus, particularly the deviations from the original Bridgman model and the elaboration thereof by Birch for uses with gases at high temperature. (View Full Article)
A Redetermination of the Freezing Pressure of Mercury Using Improved Apparatus and Technique (.pdf) (Pressure Sensing) A number of improvements in the apparatus and technique have been made since the production of the prototype model of the controlled-clearance piston gauge used by Johnson and Newhall in their 1953... (View Full Article)