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Category: Flexible Heaters
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Heatizon | Warming The World's Cold Spots

Heatizon Systems has over 20 years of experience in the electric radiant heating industry. We are the only manufacturer to offer low-voltage, under-roof deicing systems. Heatizon also produces some of the best mineral-insulated and self-regulating heating cables.

Our products have numerous applications in several areas:

  • SNOW MELTING: Long lasting, high efficiency low-voltage and versatile high-quality line-voltage systems that are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications for swift and effective snow and ice removal. TUFF CABLE - HOTT-WIRE
  • ROOF DEICING: Invisible snow control and deicing systems that quickly remove snow and ice from all type of roofs, pitched or flat preventing damage and costly/inefficient removal services. Our self-regulating heat trace cable is a uniquely engineered heat cable that prevents water from wicking and has great longevity. INVIZIMELT w/TUFF CABLE – ZMESH - GUTTERMELT
  • SLAB HEATING: Preventing heat loss by heating under or in slabs with varying lower-wattage heat cable where forced air systems are unable to adequately heat and prevent costs to spike due to inefficient heating. COZY HEAT SR/MI
  • FLOOR/SPACE HEATING: From simple heat mats/cables for tile warming, to complex space heating low-voltage systems that replace forced-air systems. These systems are precisely-designed to heat the most effective and efficient ways possible. TUFF CABLE - COZY HEAT – FLOORIZWARM – HEATWAVE - ZMESH

Unlike other companies Heatizon prides itself on not only offering products that have to pass high-level quality standards, but providing the highest-leveso youl of system design, installation support and general support for our products.

Here is a brief overview of each of our product lines:

  • ZMESH: As thin as your screen on your door, but provides superior low-voltage heating for roofs and floors.
  • TUFF CABLE: A low-voltage cable that is versatile for floors, snow melting, and roof deicing for metal roofs when paired with our INVIZIMELT panel system.
  • HOTT-WIRE: Two types of heating cable that provide amazing levels of heat for snow melting.
  • COZY HEAT: Heating cables for slab heating and floor/space heating with superior longevity.
  • FLOORIZWARM: a complete low-voltage floor warming system with thermostat and 25-year warranty.
  • HEATWAVE: Heating system available in a mat or cable that is great for DIYer or residential contractors to install in tiled spaces.
  • GUTTERMELT: Premier heat trace for use in gutters and on roofs that has a long line of activators and accessories that are unmatched by similar brands.
  • OUTPIPE: Great for heat trace on water pipes to prevent freezing, which offers a variety of control systems.
  • PEDESTAL PAVER HEAT: A brand new system that heats pavers installed on pedestals allowing for snow removal in spaces where it was previously extremely difficult to provide.

Heatizon uses a network of highly-trained distributors that offer support for all of our products. Heatizon also offers high-level support for architects and engineers doing spec projects where our products are to be used. Design-build assistance is another customer-support service that we offer.

Heatizon looks forward to being able to offers our customers superior-level quality, service and support second-to-none in the industry.

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